Exponents and Logs

Exponents and Logs

Exponents and Logs!

I have had an inquiry this week about logs and how difficult they can be, but rest assured they are essentially the reverse of exponents. Example: log2 (16) When first trying them it is best to leave the calculator at home. Here we go!

Simply explained: 2 to what power equals 16? The answer of course is 4. 2 to the 4th power equals 16.

Now they get more complicated, but really this is your mainstay to logs.

The base is a binary of 2 as in this problem or 10 or e at 2.171828 and is a mathematical constant, you know like pi, 3.14. The base 2 is primarily used for complex computer applications. Check in Saturday for more on LOGS.

I do wish there was a WyzAnt when I was having difficulty with some subjects back in the ice age! But really, what a fabulous way to put struggling students with great tutors who just love those "light bulb" moments.

Math, reading and study skills are a method for success in life!

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